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  • 香港理工大學工學士 – 主修電子及資訊工程
    BEng (Electronic and Information Engineering) - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • STEM (科學,科技,工程,數學) 教育專家
    STEM Education Specialist


  • 超過10年教育經驗,向學生教授複雜科學概念
    10+ years of teaching experience in explaining abstract and complex science ideas to students
    with prestigious and ordinary background
    (Students are mainly from Queens college, Marymount, DBS, HKUGC, Wah Yan College, etc.)

  • 多年來曾教授過的學生人數超過1000 
    Has taught more than 1000 students


  • 8年以上於上市公司開發應用程式的經驗
    8+ years of software development experience in developing complex IT systems in listed companies


  • 精於電腦架構, 機械人學以及工程教育
    Specialised in Computer Architecture, Robotics, Engineering Education

Technology imrpoves lives.


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